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The Birth of a Unicorn

4 Jul

On Saturday I took a little trip to Pickled Gallery to make my mark on a picnic bench. The Oasis are decorating benches to go up in Priory Square on a nice little astroturf area. Gemma of Pickled has divided the bench up into sections and several artists that have exhibited there will be adding a little bit of their talent.

I decided, obviously, to paint a robot unicorn with lasers for eyes. Here’s a little montage of him taking shape:



28 Jun

Hey all,
My work is currently being exhibited at Pickled Gallery. If you’re in and around Birmingham for the next couple of weeks, why don’t you pop down to The Oasis on Corporation Street and have a nosey. There’s lots of stuff to buy, you can have some of the craziness in your own home! ^__^

Also, I’ll be down there from about 11am on Saturday adding some original artwork to a special picnic bench that will end up in Priory Square. Come on down and have a chinwag and watch a lunatic in action!



Buy my stuff!

17 May

As well as it being on sale at Pickled Gallery in the Oasis in Birmingham, I’ve opened a little shop on Folksy here:

Robot Monster on Folksy

Please have a look and help out a struggling artist ;]


Hello world

28 Jan


I shall be posting some sketches and things I’ve done recently later. This is a sort of brain dump as I practice and hopefully improve!