Complete: He looks upset…

13 Mar

Just finished the actual painting of yesterday’s quick sketch. Acrylic on Canvas with India Ink. Learnt a lot while doing this, mainly that my paint and canvas is rubbish. As a result I’ve just spent an obscene amount of money rectifying it. I hope some of you buy these! ;]

[Click for mossive]

He looks upset…

12 Mar

Test print, acrylic on cartridge paper. This will be my next canvas and will be on sale in a mystery location soon, amongst others… More information soon!


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A Visitor

20 Feb

A Visitor came…


A Visitor

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15 Feb

Meet Clarence!
Ink on paper, again, intention is to do this on canvas for a series of seriously scary monsters

Clarence[click for bigger]


14 Feb

Furry monster

Ink on paper, just a quick wee sketch with ink =]

Pompidou[Click for bigger]


14 Feb

A terribly scary monster…

Acrylic on canvas

Claude[click for bigger]

A Walk in the Dark

10 Feb

Kind of scary now I look at it…



Must get a scanner

More Robot Monster

10 Feb

Trying a bit of a looser style with the ink, it’s this guy again looking a bit moody =]

Ink on cartridge paper

Robot Monster

(as always, click for biggerer)

More Polly and the Blob

30 Jan

Here’s a quick camera photo of a sketch for another of this series. Now I’m getting the style more refined I have four of them planned to do, probably on A3 or A2. Pencil on textured paper.


Happy Pandas

29 Jan

I told you I was obsessed with drawing pandas. This time little less cartoony. Trying to get the characters looking right in ink before I go and paint it on canvas. What do you think?


It’s crap, badly lit photo sadly as I haven’t got a scanner here yet…