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12 Jun


Acrylic on canvas

Complete: He looks upset…

13 Mar

Just finished the actual painting of yesterday’s quick sketch. Acrylic on Canvas with India Ink. Learnt a lot while doing this, mainly that my paint and canvas is rubbish. As a result I’ve just spent an obscene amount of money rectifying it. I hope some of you buy these! ;]

[Click for mossive]


14 Feb

A terribly scary monster…

Acrylic on canvas

Claude[click for bigger]

Robot Paintings

29 Jan

Here are two paintings I did last year. Sorry about the quality of the photos, I’ll get them done properly at some point. The purple one is entitled “You missed one!” and is in the possession of my brother and sister-in-law. The orange one is entitled “My favourite record” and is in the possession of my bestest mate Gemma. Both are acrylic paint on canvas.