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More Polly and the Blob

30 Jan

Here’s a quick camera photo of a sketch for another of this series. Now I’m getting the style more refined I have four of them planned to do, probably on A3 or A2. Pencil on textured paper.


Polly and the Blob

28 Jan

These two pieces were really just a shading exercise. I wanted to try out the stippling technique you’ll see in it. I have one more to finish but it follows the story of a little girl who finds herself in a strange land under her bed. She befriends a friendly blob and they have an adventure. That was in my head any way. Both drawn on cartridge paper with Berol fineliners. I also tweaked the contrast on them as they came out a bit grey on the scans. They are massive by the way if you click them, you may have to wait for loading.